Attractions Destination – Tips for traveling in Germany

Anyone who to consider a trip to Europe, visiting Germany. There is so much that Germany is offered in each city, it is important to know in advance before you go.

Two famous places in the region of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Baden-Baden Brenner Park Hotel and Spa. Baden-Baden, just north of the Black Forest is a great summer destination because there are several spas, hiking trails, a large walk-spectacular water and pastel-colored houses. Park Hotel and Spa La burner features luxury amenities including a spa treatment. Lake Constance and the Bodensee are in this region.

German Alpine Road and has a beautiful Alpine panoramic view. It stretches along the Bavarian Alps. The route offers a good view of the old and impressive cities, castles and towns. The highest mountain in Germany and Lake Konignesse Zugspitse also available here. Part Romantic Road Romantic Road in Bavaria called. A beautiful city Bamburg also nearby, which was once the capital of the Roman Empire.

Munich can also be called the financial capital of Germany has a deep history and many museums. The Alte Pinakothek has a very good collection of Renaissance art from the 14th to 18th centuries, including “Virgin and Child” Da Vinci “Crown of Thorns” by Titian and illustrations neck, Durer, Memling and Ruben. Admission is $ 4 Then there is the German museum, which is the most comprehensive technical and scientific museum in the world. You can find lots of interactive displays and interesting films. In addition to the museums of Munich has to drink a lot of world-class restaurants and joints. In fact, it is very famous for its Oktoberfest, which 16 days Oktoberfest every year in October. The festival is world famous for its humor and attracts millions of tourists every year in Munich.

Berlin is the capital of Germany between the middle and east-north. It also has several museums, including the famous Science Museum, the Bode Museum Dahlem and has historical significance in the context of the Berlin Wall. A section of the Berlin Wall remains that it is the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin is also famous for its world-famous orchestra attracts as the Berlin Philharmonic, the music lovers.

There are many more places to serve as the cathedral of Cologne, Frankfurt, Rhein, Saxony, Dresden and Hanover to visit in Germany.

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